revv digital


Creating a brand identity for a digital agency. Revv Digital blends creativity, technology and insight to drive consumer action for brands.


The client requested for a playful, cool nerd personality for Revv Digital. You know, the type that uses science, tech, experimentation, fun, play, wit (and a bit of crazy) to solve problems. If the Minions and Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs decided to have a baby, Revv Digital is what they will give birth to.

We were introduced to the project from the concept phase and we worked through it till implementation. Our execution involves thinking from a lego point, a tetris point, to form the underlying concept, we ended up going with blocks, and we chose a Pixel font, as this naturally speaks that structure.


Brand Identity
Marketing Collaterals
Presentation Slides


Oluwatobi Mayowa (Designer)
Tomiwa Olajide (Project Owner)